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About us

As early as the 1930s, the name Boonen was an established value in the export business to several European countries. The public limited company Boonen was founded in 1969 by Charles Boonen who was already specialized in national and international trade of cattle and horses for slaughter. Located in Roosendaal near the border with the Netherlands, Louis Boonen was, together with his son Charles, the first exporter of pregnant dairy heifers and draft horses to several European countries.










In 1992, the son of Charles, Jos Boonen, joins the public limited company as managing director who, besides the export of cattle, was also focused on beef cattle. Finally in 2007, also the fourth generation, Tony Boonen, joins the company, assisted by his partner Elleen van der Sypt.



Apart from the trade business, also a licensed insurance company for the insurance of beef cattle was established in 1969.

A long term relationship between the Boonen family and Mr. Pierre Wery resulted in an activity which covers the whole Belgian territory. Today this activity is managed by a separate company BOVAS (BOonen Vee ASsociatie).



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